About 3DVetor

This is an Augmented Reality (AR) app that helps visualize vectors and points in a 3D space. It's in constant development at the LEIS lab in Regional Jataí, Federal University of Goiás - Brazil. The Android version can be freely downloaded in this link.

Privacy Policy

You can read this app's privacy policy here.

Using 3Dvetor

After the app has been downloaded, print this image below. You can do this by either:

  1. Right click the image below, save; open it in your computer and print;
  2. Or, right click the image below, chosse "open image in new tab"; once the image is in full resolution in the new tab, ask your browser to print it.

The first time you open the app, it may ask permission to use your device's camera. If so, please allow, in order to use the app properly. After you have printed the image, open the app and click the "3DVetor" button you see in the image below:

Now point the device's camera to the printed image and you'll see the X, Y and Z axes, like this:


If you want to see a point in 3D-space, choose the x, y and z coordinates in the respective dropdown menu, choose a color and click the "Ponto/Point" button


If you want to see a vector, just click the "Criar vetor / Vector" button:


After you get some vectors on screen, click on the "Resultante / Resultant" button to see the resultant vector in green:

To clear screen, click the "Apagar tudo / Clear screen" button: